Marrakech cooking Class (in a Local faimly house ) 2024

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5 Hours

We pick you up from your accommodation and then the day begins with a shopping expedition to a local souk or market in a popular neighbourhood where the local family house located . Here we shall purchase all the ingredients that we will use later to produce our traditional Moroccan meal during the fun for all cooking class. The butchers will have all the fresh beef, chicken and lamb you need, the vegetable stalls quality local produce , fruit stalls a riot of colour and flavours and the spice shops, piled with aromatic herbs and spices used to produce delicious sauces, rare yellow saffron, red hot paprika, fragrant yellow cumin, orange/ brown ginger, the sunshine bright hue of the turmeric, the black of the pepper grounds, brownish sticks or powdered cinnamon and white Moroccan salt, all in all a sensation overload! Shopping completed, your guide will escort you to the traditional Moroccan kitchen in a local family house where you will live a real Moroccan experience .

ماذا ستفعل في هذه التجربة؟

The cooking class will take place at local family house (Khalid and his family) 10 km from the city center . The day begins with a shopping spree in a local souk or souk in the heart of bustling Marrakech There are a variety of dishes that you can learn to cook, because the most popular dishes that tourists like to learn how to prepare are: different types of tagine (chicken tagine with olives, meat and vegetable tagine, meat and prunes,Fish ...), different types of couscous (couscous with meat and vegetables, couscous with raisins and onions,....), pastilla (chicken pastilla) and at the end of the lesson, a variety of salads are served with the dishes that have been prepared during the lesson and seasonal fruits and Moroccan tea mineral water .you will have a special lunch or dinner (your choice ) then our driver drops you off at your accommodation at the end of the experience .



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